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the Project Circular is available at

The group advertisement has been sent to:

palaeo-net (25/2 by Ken Johnson)

coral-list (25/2 by Ken Johnson)

CLIMLIST (a mailing list for climate research 25/2 by Matthias Prange) .

  CALCALGA, IBERPAL (equivalent to paleonet in Spanish speaking
countries) and Sociedad Geologica de España (26/2 By Juan Carlos Braga)
 BIOEVO (dedicated to evolutionary biology) (26/2 By Juan Carlos Braga)

IBA (Bryozoan Association) 25/2 by Paul Taylor

Nannofossil list - 27/2 J. Young

RCMNS mailing list (Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy) 4/3 W. Krijgsman

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