NTA-3 Bio- and Geoinformatics Workshop

February 28 - March 4, 2011

Natural History Museum, London

Darwin and Throughflow

NTA-3 is now in the past.  The meeting was held in the Department of Palaeontology of the Natural History Museum.  We gratefully acknowledge the excellent support of the team from the Vibrant project for providing training on the use of the throughflow scratchpad site (which you are now reading).  The main objective of the workshop was to bring together all data resulting from field training activities into a single repository to share within the network during the course of the project and then to allow dissemination of project data and results to the wider research community at the close of the project.  We worked together on geospatial data, stratigraphic sections, images, and specimen-based data to develop standard protocols that will be applied during the coming years.  We also took advantage of the meeting to undertake some planning for the NTA-4 field training activities including a overview presentation of the regional stratigraphy of East Kalimantan by Visiting Scientist Robert Morley, and and a presentation of preliminary stratigraphic results from NTA-2 by Willem Renema.  All ESRs presented progress reports on their work.  We were joined by Prof. Fauzie Hasibuan and Rahkmat Fachruddin from the Indonesian Geological Agency and continued discussion of how to establish closer ties between they institutions and the THROUGHFLOW ITN.

See a list documents associated with the event.

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