NTA-2 Field Training

Network Training Activity 2: Field training in high-resolution chronostratigraphy in clastic and carbonate settings

The Museum Geologi in BandungLate Miocene branching corals exposed near BontangFinding contacts in Late Miocene Limestone

November 15-December 18, 2010

Bandung, Java

Samarinda and Bontang, East Kalimantan


This activity was a great success. The event lasted five weeks and was held in Bandung Java, and Samarinda and Bontang, East Kalimantan Indonesia.  The programme and included lectures, workshops, field excursions, invited lectures by colleagues in the petroleum industry, and directed field training within small groups.  We were very fortunate to have the kind support of our colleagues at the Pusat Survei Geologi (Geological Survey of Indonesia) during the event. In addition to colleagues from the PSG and support staff, all Early Stage Researchers and ten other network participants joined for part or all of the training. During the field training activities, the team measured and described in detail 42 stratigraphic sections in the Middle to Late Miocene deposits of East Kalimantan, and collected more than 1500 samples.  These samples include rocks, fossils, bulk sediments, and drilled plugs. They are now in transit to Europe and should arrive in London in early February. Our training programme on communicating science to the public produced a highly-visited blog and and completed two public events with live media feeds from the field to the NHM in London. 

Download the preliminary report for NTA-2

The programme is available to download, or see a list of presentations and other documents associated with the event.

See some more images from NTA-2.

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