Miocene Bryozoa from East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Part II: Cheilostomata ‘Ascophora’.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:Submitted
Authors:E. Di Martino, Taylor P. D.
Journal:Scripta Geologica
Type of Article:Monograph
Keywords:Ascophora, East Kalimantan, INDONESIA, Miocene, TAXONOMY

We describe 72 ascophoran-grade cheilostomes, ranging in age from Early to Late Miocene (late Burdigalian to Messinian), collected from 17 sections in the vicinities of Samarinda, Bontang and Sangkulirang in East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Two genera (Oviexechonella gen. nov. and Sendinopora gen. nov.) and twenty species (?Filaguria kalimantanensis sp. nov., Puellina bontangensis sp. nov., Caberoides gordoni sp. nov., Trypostega hasibuani sp. nov., Oviexechonella digeronimoi sp. nov., Reptadeonella curvabilis sp. nov., Reptadeonella toddi sp. nov., ?Hippomenella devatasae sp. nov., ?Hippomenella uniserialis sp. nov., Margaretta amitabhae sp. nov., Hippopodina indicata sp. nov., Saevitella renemai sp. nov., Gigantopora milenae sp. nov., Arthropoma renipora sp. nov, Bryopesanser bragai sp. nov., Bryopesanser sanfilippoae sp. nov., Tubiporella magnipora sp. nov., Buffonellaria sagittaria sp. nov., Lagenipora sciutoi sp. nov. and Sendinopora prima sp. nov.) are new. Ten species show affinities with Recent taxa from the Indo-Pacific; two species show similarities with Recent species recorded circumtropically; and three species were known previously from the Neogene of Europe, Australia or India.

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