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  1. March 18-19 (NHM, London, UK) "Kick-off" Meeting
  2. July 5-10 (RHUL, Egham, UK) Network Training Activity 1 : An introduction to the Geology of SE Asia
  3. July 9-10 (RHUL, Egham, UK) Network Board Meetings
  4. November 15-December 18 (Java and East Kalimantan, Indonesia) Network Training Activity 2: High-resolution chronostratigraphy in clastic and carbonate settings
  5. November 19-20 (Bandung, Indonesia) Network Board Meetings hosted by the Geological Survey of Indonesia.


  1. February 28-March 4 (NHM, London, UK) Network Training Activity 3: Bioinformatics and geoinformatics: new approaches to integrating research data using the WWW.
  2. March 3-4 (NHM, London, UK) Network Board Meetings
  3. June 12-July 17 (Java and Kalimantan, Indonesia) Network Training Activity 4: Palaeoecology, geological analysis, and interpretation of past environments.
  4. June 16-17 (Bandung, Indonesia) Network Board Meetings


  1. May (Kiel, Germany) Network Training Activity 5: Palaeoceanographic proxies and biogeochemical modelling.
  2. May (Kiel, Germany) Network Board Meetings
  3. October (Almería, Spain) Network Training Activity 6: Sedimentology, biostratigraphy, and palaeoecology at a seismic scale.
  4. October (Almería, Spain) Network Board Meetings


  1. May (Berlin, Germany) SAGE 2013: International Symposium on SE Asian Gateway Evolution at the Museum für Naturkunde.
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