THROUGHFLOW: Our samples are here!

After some paperwork and phone calls
coordinating the delivery (thanks to Ken Johnson and Martin Munt), around 11 am
on Friday the container arrived to the Natural History Museum full of our Indonesian
fossils. The images talk by themselves…

Making the best of our strength together
with Ken, Bill, Lil, and Emanuela, the 44 crates were unloaded and stored
outside the conservation unit of the Palaeontology Department.

The crate for the Royal Holloway was sent on
Friday afternoon. Spanish samples will be dispatched soon.

Thanks to our colleagues Martin Munt, Jill
Darrell, Chris Collins, Tim Ewin, and Michael Griffiths for their valuable help
in getting the samples here under a safe roof.

Now the real work starts!!

11.00 Container arrival

13.00 Well done!!

Mon, 2011-04-11 11:13 -- kgj

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