THROUGHFLOW at the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium

With more than 2000 scientist from all over the world coming together to share and discuss their latest research the ICRS was probably the scientific event of the year for the sunshine state and an absolute ‘must go’ for every scientist working on coral reefs . . . and we were part of it: Nadia Santodomingo, Viola Warter, Juan-Carlos Braga, and Ken Johnson, who acted as chair of our Mini-Symposium ’Pantropical palaeontology of Cenozoic coral reefs’. Nadia gave an excellent talk ‘on the origins of the coral diversity in South East Asia’; Viola presented a poster about ‘high-resolution palaeoclimatic reconstructions from Miocene patch reefs from Indonesia’. With a huge variety of Symposia Themes like ‘Climate change and its impact on coral reefs’ ‘Coral calcification’ or ‘Palaeontology-Biodiversity’ all fields of interest were covered and there was much to listen to and to learn. Apart from actively presenting and listening to the talks, this conference was also a big opportunity for networking, which is especially important for us Early Stage Researchers to make connections for possible collaborations and future work possibilities.Overall, the ICRS 2012 was an exciting and absolutely positive experience throughout and for us it’s clear that we will attend the ICRS 2016 - on Hawaii!


Thanks to Viola Warter for this posting, and to Nadia Santodomingo for the photo.

Thu, 2012-08-02 17:12 -- kgj

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