Three pictures of the day from the “northern team”

By Anja Roesler.

The last two
days of the carbonate team who are Vibor, Simone, Juan Carlos, Anja and Dedy
were spent on a long cliff section of mainly marly and very weathered limestone.
That was not that much of a scientific pleasure, but this is also part of
fieldwork. This section was finished today at the side of an impressively huge
mudflat (pic. 1), near the “buaia buaia” what means Crocodile River.

In the
afternoon we went to explore the famous Tabalar river, which should offer many
limestone sections. Although the latest news were not giving a lot of hope
(from no boats available for the area to that river is to small in this season
to be shippable). Thanks to Dedy and his investigation skills asking many local
people, we found out about the existence of Tabalar village (pic. 2 and 3). It
is reachable by car and surprise!: They can take us tomorrow with a boat upstream
to hopefully find nicer limestones containing a richer foraminifera fauna, the
first algae samples and better sedimentary information.


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