Rediscovering Batu Putih

On the 22nd June, the group conformed by Paul,
Emanuela, Nadia, Pak Untug, and Aseb settled in Samarinda. Soon after lunch, we
went back to Batu Putih (TF76) to have a look on the corals and looking for
bryozoans. Although an active quarry, the outcrop has not changed that much
from last year. Intact colonies of platy corals were observed upside down, and this
time we tried to collect the ones we left behind from last year, but again...
they broke in the process. We are still thinking on how such fragile colonies
(>35 cm diameter and <5mm thick) were turned back without suffering any
damage? Are they in-situ or transported?

Digging a bit on the same bed, Emanuela and Paul enjoyed on
finding many bryozoans!!

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