Picture of the Day - Barito Basin - Nummulites from Pengaron

Greetings from the Barito Basin! Aries, Ken and Jon followed Verbeek’s original (1875) geological map overlain onto Google Earth to find the Pengaron locality, from which a great fauna of corals and poorer molluscs was originally described.  Just at the right point on the map – a river bank section - we found a thin series (4m) of massive, hard, bioclastic limestones and sands with corals,  molluscs, algal balls, a shark tooth and vertebrate material abruptly and concordantly overlying thin-bedded silty mudstones. Various limestone horizons contained abundant, white,  Nummulites, probably N. pengaronensis of Early Oligocene age (our LBF expert to confirm ID. We will go back and xplore more.

Numulites from Pengaron

Thu, 2011-06-23 11:50 -- kgj

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