Meeting (Utrecht University): Origins of the South East Asian Marine Biodiversity Maximum

In order to start our connexion with Utrecht University as part of our PhD activities, we will have a meeting on next Tuesday 4 October. A general overview of the project will be presented by Willem Renema, followed by talks about the geology of the Mahakan Delta (Nathan Marshall), as well as the biodiversity of Foraminifera (Vibor Novak), Mollusca (Sonja Reich), Bryozoa (Emanuela Di Martino), and Corals (Nadia Santodomingo). In addition, Viola Warter will show some preliminary results about the geochemistry.

This meeting is a good opportunity to promote the project to the scientific community, and also to recruit Master Students who can help us to solve some particular questions of our research.

Attendance is free!!

NEW ADDRESS:  MIN 018, Minnaert Building, Leuvenlaan 4, 3584 CE Utrecht next to the Earth Science building.

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