LEAVES by Frank Wesselingh

Sonja works on Miocene mollusk faunas from amongst others seagrasses. But
how to determine that it is actually a seagrass fauna? One way is to find
seagrass remains associated with the faunas, which we probably did in two
occasions. The seagrass leaves must still be checked by a palaeobotanist
though. However, in one of the sites where we collected purported seagrass
leaves, also a different leaf showed up. One that does resemble mangrove
leaves strongly, an identification that also will have to be confirmed by a
palaeobotanist. We did find some mollusk species associated to mangroves in
that layer. How leaves can make fossil mollusk palaeontologist happy!

A leaf that may give a direct indication of the type of environments 10 million years ago in East Kalimantan

Thu, 2011-07-14 05:02 -- sonja

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