Goodbye samples - see you in Europe!

Today our samples which had been collected in Bontang, Bengalon and
Sangkuliran started their journey to Balikpapan where they will go on board
in direction of Europe. A total of 74 wooden and plastic boxes filled up with fossils
and sediment samples were loaded on a truck. Each box has an average weight
of 50 kg which makes a total of about 3.7t! And it’s still not all! The hard work
of moving all the material was greatly performed by Ken, Willem, Aries, Asep, two
of our drivers and last but not least the local construction workers. They all did an
excellent job! But of couse also the moral support of Emanuela and me was helpful ;)

The truck

It's done!

Thu, 2011-07-14 14:23 -- sonja

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